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All workshops are free if a fee has not been indicated.
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Online Learning opportunities are growing rapidly. With so many options, where do you begin? The purpose of this workshop is to examine different delivery formats and familiarization of the terms used while bridging past learning experiences to current opportunities. Connections can be made enabling the participant to either build an individual plan to continue their own educational journey or develop a school wide implementation plan for the grade 9-14 learners at their location. This workshop does not endorse any one vendor, since once size does not fit all. Instead participants will increase their knowledge level so they can make an educated choice to meet the unique needs at their location.     

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Collaborate in online courses, learning communities, social networks or virtual worlds to discuss a resolution to a problem or issue.

Are you scratching your head wondering what this looks like or how it is relevant to your course content?  Google drive can be used to share increasing access to content and to incorporate asynchronous or synchronous collaborative activities.  During this workshop participants will experience Google Drive while creating, sharing and collaborating developing class notes.  Time Tips and lesson planning connections will be examined identifying how the technology standards overlap your content area to enhance learning.

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Are you looking for a workshop topic not listed? We can create and coordinate face-to-face or online customized training sessions. Contact us to schedule training for individuals or large group. Call 609-465-2161 ext. 657 or 656 or complete the registration form sharing the request.

FEE: $TBD -Register online

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The treasure chest is filled with free resources which can be used to enhance teaching and learning. The quanity of resources available can be overwhelming attempting to navigate to locate and learn to operate the one which best aligns to your need. The Treasure Chest is always available to you online to explore independently or join any of the workshops in the series. The series is organized to examine an application, identify free resources which can be used in your setting and begin development of an implementation plan.

Date/day Topic
Customized training online, or onsite Roundtable discussion to discover compatible resources to fill voids in your setting
Flipping the Classroom and formative assessment
Multiple means of representation - technology applications to reducing duplication and redundancy
Coding for everyone
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This is an introductory seminar in GPS and geocaching for individuals that want to learn what new technologies have brought to the world of family fun and entertainment. A GPS system is not required, but if you have one, please bring it to class. This seminar will introduce how geocaching works, map reading, review of popular geocaching websites and even how to develop your own geocache. No previous computer experience required.

September 8 - October 6, 2016


Google Apps is a set of tools and programs creatd by Google that you can use to create text documents, spreadsheets, forms, organize and share files, manage your clanedar and more! This coulse will show you what Google Apps has to offer and how to get started in the application. Prerequisite: Gmail/Google account to use during class time.

NOTE: Additional time is available if desired, register for the supplemental Google Drive User Group. 

FACILITATOR: Julie Stratton                               Location: Cape May County ETTC Room 343
FEE: $FREE -Register online
TIME: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Google Drive (a.k.a. Docs) is free and compatible with many software programs and does not need large memory hardware storage. Using Google Drive can save time while increasing communication, collaboration and organization. We'll explore how to use Google Drive to facilitate collaboration and some of the tips and tricks to setting up a safe and productive collaborative community.

NOTE:  Additional time is available if desired, register for the supplemental Google Drive User Group. 

FACILITATOR: Julie Stratton                       Location: Cape May County ETTC Room 343
FEE: $FREE -Register online
TIME: 3:00 pm - 4:00pm

Customized Training


Google Drive (a.k.a. Docs) is free and compatible with many software programs and does not need large memory hardware storage.  Familiar skills and existing files will transfer to Google Drive expediting the transformation from paper to pencil assessment.  Google forms will be used collecting data in a spreadsheet to export.  The assessment can be a class quiz or an office registration form; both are forms of collecting information. Bring an existing assessment with you to the workshop with the goal of creating, capturing data and examining the collection. 


Customized Training


Google Drive (a.k.a. Docs) is free and compatible with many software programs and does not need large memory hardware storage.  Familiar skills and existing files will transfer to Google Docs. Existing files created in other word processing programs can be imported to use, create new files to edit online or offline and share the file adding anytime collaboration. Relevant applications in your setting will be discussed and a comparison of Google Doc to programs which have previously been used.



AM Session
September 20, 2016

PM Sessions
September 20, 2016
October 19. 2016
November 16, 2016



Join us as we explore Google Apps. The user group is part open lab, part guided tour. We’ll look at a new topic each workshop and then open up the floor to questions, comments, and how others are using Google Apps. Strategies to support adoption, troubleshooting challenges, add-on APPs and documentation are topics which may be discussed. 

THIS IS A HYBRID COURSE - Delivery is onsite with optional online follow-up activity.

FACILITATORS: Julie Stratton or Diane Stelacio                          Location: Cape May County ETTC Room 343
FEE: $FREE -Register online
TIME: AM Session: 8:15 am - 9:30 am; PM Session 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Are you interested in using a Learning Management System (LMS) to expand your reach? The resources have many similarities however each have some unique features which can not be easily replicated. Join this demonstration and discussion comparing two LMS to identity the best match to your needs. During this workshop participants will not be setting up classes, you will leave with an understanding to begin exploration and knowledge of future workshops aligned to achieve your goal.

FACILITATOR: Julie Stratton                               Location: Cape May County ETTC Room 343
FEE: $FREE -Register online
TIME: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

September 14, 2016


Moodle can be used to save time while increasing access to the content. Virtually distribute paper, collect assignments, have discussions and more. Participants in this group should have a Moodle courseroom already set-up. Bring the information you need to access your courseroom (link, username and password) and your greatest challenges. Together we will explore to overcome the challenge. Participants may attend one or all dates. Please sign up separately for each date of planned attendance.
Recommended prerequisite:  Moodle Introduction or its equivalent

FACILITATORS: Julie Stratton or Diane Stelacio                                Location: Cape May County ETTC Room 343
FEE: $FREE -Register online
TIME: 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

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How do you deliver questions?  Are you getting the desired results?  Quality questioning has been linked to promoting learning and is a required element of the teacher evaluation model. A quality question is open promoting thinking while giving direction for the learners.  Delivery of a single question using diverse methods will produce different results.  Varied presentation techniques of a single question result in different outcomes.  Participants will observe, experience and practice questioning techniques to identify differences magnifying the power.  Resources will be shared to support implementation and turn-key training.  All participants will develop a personal Plan of Action to implement tomorrow.



The Internet contains endless resources that could be used to enhance presentation, interaction and assessment in the classroom. The task of locating one to use is overwhelming. With soooo many resources and soooo little TIME where do you begin? The Treasure Chest is a collection spotlighting the capabilities, benefits and road bumps that may be experienced while using reviewed resources. Most of the resources added are FREE. Tutorials to begin using the resources and lesson plan ideas are also included. If you use a tool that is not in the Treasure Chest, please share the link with a brief description including lesson plan ideas. The collection continues to grow as new resources are identified and reviewed.

Visit the Treasure Chest located at



Viewing a webinar can be intimidating, wondering if the technology will work. Alternatively you enjoy webinars giving access to content and experts, but want more from the experience. Participants will view the webinar together overcoming technology glitches. While viewing the presentation station, if desired you may also participate on another workstation practicing what is reviewed. Each webinar will be followed up with onsite discussion exploring the resource, and planning adoption .

Add your email address to the communication list to receive notification of upcoming topics. Share an opportunity or topic desired, we will review and promote the opportunity to view onsite.

FACILITATOR:  Diane Stelacio or Julie Stratton   



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