Microsoft Publisher Projects

Example for Downloading Projects

1.      visit

2.      Find the Paper Airplane activity.

3.      Click on the link for the proper version of Publisher. How do you find out what your version is? Go back to Publisher and open the Help menu. Choose About Publisher.

4.      Go back to the Internet and click the Publisher 2000 link. When the save dialog box appears select the Desktop as the place to save to notice the name of the file and how the file is downloaded as a WinZip File. Click Ok and wait until the file is downloaded.

5.      Minimize the Internet and go to the Desktop. Find the file and left double click. The winzip program should start up. WinZip allows the computer to take very large files and compress them (zip them) to make them smaller.

6.      Click I agree in the WinZip folder. When the wizard starts click the next button. If it asks to add something to a folder, click no.

7.      We will be unzipping the file so click the next button.

8.      VERY IMPORTANT STEP you next select where the unzipped files will be located. Make sure you select a different folder. Choose the airplane folder located on the desktop.

9.      Click unzip now and then close the winzip wizard.

10.  Go to the Desktop and the airplane folder. See if you can open the airplane publisher file.

Publisher Projects

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Classroom Examples

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