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Rubrics and Open-Ended Questions
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  1. Analytic vs. Holistic Rubrics -
  2. Advantages of Rubrics -
  3. Ideas and Rubrics -
  4. Designing a rubric -
  5. Open-Ended Questions -
  6. Characteristics of Open-ended Questions -
  7. PowerPoint PResentations, Rubrics and OEQ -

What Is a Rubric?

Assessment Glossaries - and

Selecting tasks for Performance Assessment -

Advantages of Rubrics -

Analytic vs. Holistic Rubrics -

Ideas and Rubrics -

Basics of Rubrics -

Just What Is a Rubric? -

Rubrics in the Classroom -

Rubric to Assess Rubrics -

What Is a Rubric (RubiStar)? -

What's Wrong--and What's Right--with Rubrics -

Some Good Examples -

Using Rubrics in Middle School (good for High School too) -

Rubric basics -

What is an Open-Ended Question?

Open-Ended Questions -

Characteristics of Open-ended Questions -

Teaching Strategies and Open-Ended Questions -

How to Use Rubrics for Open-Ended Questions (OEQ)

Constructing Rubrics for OEQ workshop notes -

Using a rubric to Score OEQ -

Very general problem and rubric -


Blank Rubric Grid (printable) -

Custom Problem-Based Learning Rubric Creator -

Discovery School (Kathy Schrock) list of rubric sites -

Generalized Rubric for OEQ -

NJ State Test Rubrics -

Other Assessment Types (list of links) -

Problem of the Week example rubric -

RubiStar Rubric Creator -

Rubric Bank (Chicago Public Schools) -

Rubric Builder (create rubric online) -

Rubric Samples -

TeacherVision Links -

Teachnology list of rubric articles -

Teachnology List of Rubric Makers -

List of rubrics -

Lists examples -

Listed as for gifted students – the example rubrics would be good for any student -

Many good examples -

Awesome Library Rubric links -

English/Language Arts

Fiction Writing Basic Rubric example -

Teacher Description and Example of rubric (poetry)-

Reading Rubrics -

NJ related rubrics -

Math and Science

Assessment Strategies to Facilitate Performance on External Tests (includes section on rubrics)-

Characteristics of Open-Ended Questions - and

Open-Ended Assessment in Math -

Open-Ended Activities (list – middle school and some secondary topics) -

Open-Ended Math Problems from Franklin Institute -

PALS assessment list -

Scientific Report Rubric Example -

Scored Discussions for Upper Level Students Thinking Aloud About Mathematics  -

Teacher Description and Example -

Using Rubrics for the Science Classroom -

Making lab activities more open-ended -

NJ related rubrics -

History/Social Studies

Oral History Guidelines (OEQ examples) -

Using Alternative Assessments To Improve the Teaching and Learning of History -

Welcome to Rubrician.Com, the official website for links to rubrics.  This site was designed for educators, teachers, parents, students and evaluators -

Nice list of rubrics -


Career And Technical Education  -

General list with some career/technical links -

Career Internet sites - includes some rubric links -

Other Examples

Music Examples -

Art Examples -

Project-Based Learning for the World Language Classroom (includes rubrics) -